Step Aside, George…

…it’s the Summer of Dora.  So many amazing things are happening right now, my carpal tunnel will explode out of my hands and onto the keyboard if I try to type them all. This will be a very brief post, as I need to cross at least one Craphouse item off of my to-do list…

New Craphouse Chronicles Content on FB

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve posted some new content on the CH’s awesome FB page: a few fun pics, a couple of snarky comments.   There is a lot more to come in the days ahead, stay tuned!

The Craphouse’s Facebook Page Is Up

You can find the Craphouse’s new Facebook page here.  Be sure to Like it so I can harness the awesome power of social media and keep you up-to-date on new blog posts, exclusive pics that won’t be posted in the blog albums, and in-the-moment reactions when yet another jackass walks off with something of mine….

I almost forgot!

Detroit Stand Up is live! Check it out. Chili Challis, Pete Weiss, Mike Ramey, Andy Beningo and Jeff Priskorn all contributed excellent pieces.  Thanks again to all of you for contributing, and to the comics who sent me dates for the calendar.  Stay tuned for updates.

Yay for me

I’ve picked up a new gig as one of the reviewers for Sonar4 Ezine.  They are a sci-fi & horror ezine and they do good work.  My reviews will begin going up in March; in the meantime SF and horror fans should check them out. Just living the dream, yo. Update: July 1, 2010 –…